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07 Mar

In February 2017 Aerofuels Ulyanovsk (Aerofuels Group of Companies subsidiary company) received a new Certificate of Conformity for the aviation fuel supply of air services in the international airport of Koltsovo (Yekaterinburg) to confirm that the company satisfies the requirements for arrangement of a full set of services in aircrafts refueling with jet kero and anti-icing fluid.

At the airport of Kol'tsovo TZK Aerofuels Ulyanovsk has been refueling flights of the Russian and international airlines since January 2016. TZK uses its own aviation fuel for into-plane refueling, as well as up-to-date certified refuelers, and offers to their customer profitable price conditions and a fast, high quality service compliant with all Russian and international norms and requirements.

Aerofuels Ulyanovsk is a member of Aerofuels group refueling complexes network and for over ten years has been successfully operating in the airport of Ulyanovsk-Vostochny to guarantee a high quality level of refueling of the Russian and international air carriers. TZK is equipped with the up-to-date refueling equipment, has its own fuel-oil depot located on the territory of the airport, and a railway siding making it possible to deliver oil products regularly and uninterruptedly.

20 Jan

The Group of Companies Aerofuels pays special attention to high standards of air craft refueling quality and for many years has been fully engaged in equipping the Russian airports with the up-to-date refueling equipment. The company developed and successfully implements a program of modern aircraft refuelers and fuel trucks delivery. Orders for new refuelers are placed for the Russian manufacturers which products have shown good results in different performance and climatic environment at the Russian airports. All refuelers are completed with reliable components of the domestic and import manufacture, have a number of advantageous characteristics and save much time of the airplane servicing due to a fast into-plane refueling. All those peculiarities reduce significantly an aircraft ground time at the airport and improve its turn-round, which enables the airline to get a more commercial effect from the airplane employment.

In January 2017 the Group of Companies Aerofuels delivered a new aircraft refueler produced by Aviatekhnologiya company and mounted on the Volvo truck of a latest design (15+15 tons) to the airport of Sokol (Magadan) to enable an airplane refueling in compliance with IATA requirements and the requirements of Airbus, Boing manufacturers, as well as the Russian aviation industry. In accordance with the equipment delivery plan in 2017 one more similar refueler will be delivered to the airport for operation.

Aircraft refueling with modern refueling equipment in the airport of Sokol will enable Aerofuels Magadan to rise the level and quality of the Russian and international airlines servicing and to attract new customers interested in refueling airplanes in Magadan being today the most convenient point for long-haul flights operation from Europe and Asia to the USA.

17 Jan

Since January 11th, 2017, AEROFUELS Nizhny Novgorod refueling company has been refueling regular charter flights of Aeroflot airlines at the airport of Strigino (Nizhny Novgorod). Aeroflot is the main air carrier operating via Nizhny Novgorod air hub.

An alternative refueling complex (TZK) belonging to Aerofuels Group of Companies was built in the airport of Strigino in 2014, and since 2015 it has been supplying the Russian and international airlines flights with fuel. Aerofuels Group of Companies invested over 700 million rubles in TZK installation and in creation and development of infrastructure in the airport. TZK is designed for 10900 m3, it obtains a complex of administrative buildings and a refueling station, its own railroad sidetrack and a loading rack, and has all required licenses and certificate of conformity for refueling activity.

Successful operation of the up-to-date and well equipped alternative refueling complex at the airport makes it possible for air carriers to be refueled with a high quality certified jet kero at most profitable prices and to optimize air tickets cost attracting new passengers and, as a result, increasing a passenger flow in the airport.