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During ten years passed from foundation (July 1995) Aerofuels Group of Companies became a part of the global domestic and international air service system. A combination of a profound knowledge of the Russian and international aviation fuels markets and international thinking offers us an unlimited opportunity to provide our customers with the best quality of service all round the world. With our routine work we are creating most profitable and competitive conditions of refueling for the Russian and international airlines in the airports of our location, and make air service more available and comfortable for final consumers.

Aims and purposes

The most important aims set by Aerofuels:

  • to promote a successful development of air services in Russia, and, as a final result, business activity in the country, and strengthening of its economy;
  • to take an active part in a process of the Russian regions integration, combined with creation of conditions for their successful business, humanitarian and cultural interaction with the international partners.

The main purposes of the Group of Companies:

  • to guarantee airlines the best market quality of services in aircraft refueling due to implementation of innovation, highly reliable technologies and their own unique business-model in Aerofuels refueling complexes (TZK) network;
  • to provide a stable growth of business due to use of efficient economical solutions, consolidated work of a big team of professionals fellow-thinkers and regular upgrade of production and technical facilities of TZK;
  • to offer airlines a full complex of services in airplane refueling strictly compliant with applicable international standards of jet fuel quality, conditions of its transportation, storage, into-plane refueling, as well as the Russian and international requirements to flights safety.

Development and investments

The Group of Companies sees its further growth in its own refueling complexes network extension in Russia, and new market development. Aerofuels development strategy is based on the companys investment policy, use of up-to-date and advanced technologies, and the approach to business-processes management clearly proven its efficiency. A successful stable development of business (especially in the field of oil products handling) is impossible without considering its impact on the ecology, and thus, Aerofuels in its operating activity is guided by the current requirements to ecological safety doing its best to keep the environment safe in the regions of its location, and preventing impact on the environment.

According to the updated investment program of Aerofuels Group of Companies the total volume of investment in 2020 2022 is 5 billion rubles, which exceeds last year indicators. The program provides, basically, construction of new and re-equipping of operating refueling complexes in the Russian airports, including related infrastructure, namely: delivery of up-to-date aerodrome refuelers and tank trucks to TZK of Aerofuels network, construction and launching of new and re-equipping of several operating laboratories of quality control. In quite a number of refueling complexes the fuel handling facilities will be practically retrofitted in full. It is planned to upgrade airports Group of Companies members. The investment program of Aerofuels, first of all, aims at provision of high level safety of flights by offering to airlines the whole complex of services in airplane refueling, quality of jet fuel compliant with the Russian and international standards, conditions of its transportation and storage, and facilities for into-plane refueling.

Expert RA rating agency awarded ruBBB+ credit level rating to TZK Aerofuels

TZK Aerofuels is one of Aerofuels Group of Companies subsidiaries supplying the Russian and international airlines with jet fuel in 30 airports on the territory of Russia and on the international market in more than 100 countries worldwide. The awarded rating covers the whole Group of Companies. In particular, TZK Aerofuels carries out into-plane refueling of aircrafts in the Russian airports, and renders services in jet fuel storage, transloading and laboratory analysis. The Agency favorably evaluated a wide regional network of the Group of Companies own TZK on the territory of the country, due to which they are able to offer complex proposals for refueling on the routes of the Russian and international air carriers in Russia and abroad. Rating prognosis - Stable.

Expert RA rating agency founded in 1997 is one of the largest Russian credit rating agencies. Expert RA ratings are included in lists of official requirements to banks, insurance companies, pension funds, emitters, and are used by Bank of Russia, Ministry of Finance, Ministry of Economic Development, Moscow Stock Exchange and hundreds of companies and power authorities during bids and tenders procedure.

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